Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager

The Microsoft Download Manager enables you to download files simply and easily
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Microsoft Download Manager is a program to enhance your Internet downloads. Sometimes, downloading a file through your browser is not good enough. If you are downloading a large file and your connection is interrupted, you will have to begin the download from the start. Microsoft Download Manager is able to resume interrupted downloads right from where they were interrupted, saving you a lot of time. You can configure it to retry to download the files repeatedly and periodically. The program will use multiple connections to speed up the download process, assigning smaller parts to download to each of these connections, and joining them in just one file at the end of the downloading process.

Microsoft Download Manager will not start up whenever you are trying to download a file through your browser – you will have to enter the URL of the file into the program if you want it to perform the download. It only supports downloads from web addresses starting with http://. Entering any other type of URL will make the program refuse to perform the download.

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  • It is free.


  • It cannot detect browser's downloads.
  • It cannot download from URLs not beginning with "http://".
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